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Weight Loss / Acupuncture

Our Weight Loss Program is an average of three sessions, each one hour long spaced approximately one week to ten days apart.  When you come in Dr. McGill will ask you some questions in regards to your eating behavior and the motivations you have to lose weight.  He tailors each session to the individual, so the information you give him can greatly affect the success you achieve.  He will explain the process for weight loss, and how to attain the best results.  He will explain and demonstrate how hypnosis works, and answer any questions you may have. Once the explanation is complete, you have two options.  If you want to go through the session, he will then proceed with the therapy, or, if you feel that it is not what you expected you could opt to pass and not owe anything for the consultation.

Micro-Current Acupuncture is included in the sessions to help reduce impulse eating, stress and emotional eating along with reducing the appetite and enhancing metabolism.

Dr. McGill has been doing hypnotherapy for over 35 years, longer than anyone in the area on a regular basis. His success rate is 85/90% of individuals losing and maintaining their weight loss.

The cost is 3 sessions at $150 per session ($450 total), payable by personal check, credit card or cash, due at the end of the each session.

Call (402) 393-0544 and schedule your appointment.  You are welcome to bring a friend or spouse to sit in on part of the session.

Hunger versus appetite Too many people confuse hunger with appetite. Appetite is a habit. Hunger is a real need. The two are not the same. Appetite is provoked by suggestion while hunger is the message we receive when we need nourishment. Proper diet is essential to provide the elements necessary for the body to renew tissues and keep the organs functioning as nature intended.

Compulsive eaters strain their willpower and bypass their mind power. In other words, they consciously struggle to deny appetite instead of correcting the mental programming which causes them to crave unnecessary calories. The body only does what the mind tells it to do. In order to overcome the "stuffing habit" hypnosis begins by teaching the subconscious how to think about food.

Calories Do Count To lose one pound of fat, you must burn up approximately 3000 calories through physical activity. If a person eliminates 1000 calories a day, he can lose approximately two pounds a week. Most people require less calories than they are accustomed to eating. Once you discover the power of your mind you can begin losing weight in a most natural way, without conscious effort or struggle.

Hypnosis is way to reprogram the triggers that cause impulse eating. Direct suggestions are given to the subconscious mind to remove unwanted habits, of over eating and eating of wrong foods. Suggestions are also given to bolster ego and self esteem which leaves the client with a renewed feeling of self control. Each person is dealt with on an individual basis and suggestions are tailored to individual needs. Recording of the Hypnosis Suggestions are used to continue reinforcement until new habits are permanently established.