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Hypnotherapy / Acupuncture

Our Hypnotherapy Program can vary greatly depending on the disposition, duration and the severity of the problem presented. Generally, hypnosis is considered short-term therapy and more often satisfactory results can be achieved in one to three sessions. When you come in Dr. McGill will ask you questions concerning changes or modifications that you want to make and discuss possible approaches and options in resolving the problem. He will explain the process of hypnotherapy and how to achieve the best results. He will demonstrate to you how hypnosis works and answer any questions you may have. Once the intake interview is complete you have the option of going ahead with therapy treatment or passing, if you pass you do not owe anything for the consultation.

Dr. McGill is a Nebraska State Licensed and Certified Counselor and has been in private practice for over 35 years. He has been doing Hypnotherapy longer than anyone in the Omaha area on a regular basis and his success rate for most individuals is about 85-90%.

The cost is $180.00 per session hour, payable by personal check, credit card or cash, due at the end of each session. We do not accept insurance payments, although we can provide an insurance code receipt upon request to present to your carrier for possible reimbursement.

Call 402-393-0544 for more information and schedule your appointment. You are welcome to bring your spouse or a friend to sit in on part of the session.

"A way to achieve your full potential."

Self improvement is a desire that is shared by all. To alter a trait that is undesirable or strengthen a trait that is most desirable can be a tedious, tiring and sometimes overwhelming task.

Whether you are an advocate of the "Power of Positive Thinking", "Mind Over Matter" or the use of sheer "Will Power", makes no difference. The facts remain the same. To change you must first have the desire, second you must put conscious effort into play to override unconscious feelings and third you must stay on pattern long enough to establish the new habits. The percentage of people that can stick to such a rigid schedule is extremely low.

With hypnosis you learn to bypass critical conscious analyzing and you gain the self-control needed for your own personal improvement. Therefore, instead of fighting with yourself to override inner feelings you are able to create the desired subconscious response without struggle. This allows behavior conditioning such as, smoking, overeating, nervous tension and phobias to be altered or corrected in a very short time.

Deep seated emotional problems or continuing stress and tension in your daily life can be barriers to your total success, but proper counseling and positive reinforcement can help you to work through or resolve these barriers.

Everyone has the ability to be hypnotized and to benefit from its use, but no one can be hypnotized against their will. It is safe and pleasant and you never lose control. We experience varying degrees of hypnosis each and every day of our lives. Losing track of time because we are caught up in a project or job, becoming engrossed in a good movie or book or when professional athletes mentally prepare themselves before a contest, are all forms of hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy is safe and effective way to help you realize your most useful constructive and beneficial goals.

 Hypnotherapy Programs
are offered through private practice consultation. Personalized programs are tailored to your specific needs.

The following programs are available:

Anxiety Relief
Appetite Control
Bed Wetting
Behavioral Problems
Child Birth
Cluster Headaches
Dentistry (fear)
Gambling Addiction
Immune Disorders
Memory Recall
Mental Blocks
Migraine Headaches
Obsessive Disorders
Over Sleeping
Pain Management
Panic Disorders
Public Speaking
Sexual Dysfunction
Smoking Cessation
Sports Concentration
Stress Management
Study Habits
Surgery (fear)
Test Anxiety
Weight Lifting


For more information about Dr. McGill's Hypnotherapy Programs

Call: (402) 393-0544